• Many businesses require short term staffing for managerial tasks that require skills which are more complex than are offered through traditional office overload type companies. These skills are, however, not as complex as those supplied by consultants.
  • Many businesses have sales which are awarded sporadically. Interim staffing allows the owner to take on additional staff during peak sales, without carrying extra people during the slower periods.
  • Some business owners need overall management skills, as well as assistance with time management, and planning.

Team Building:

  • Development and implementation of workshops promoting teamwork and improved communication skills.
  • Improved interdepartmental coordination and efficiency.

Performance Improvement:

  • Facilitate employee departmental meeting for successfully planning and implementation of job-related improvements.

Administration Streamlining:

  • Formulate and implement plans for improved cash flow management, scheduled accounts receivable and payable, order desk efficiency, time management and customer service.

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